Congratulations to All Local 916 Recipients!

Engineer of the Year
Bill Burger

Technician of the Year
Bob Vonachen

Employee of the Year
Sal Madonia

Work Unit of the Year
High Speed Rail

Making a Difference Award
Mike Dwyer


35 Year Service Employees
Mark McQuality (Project Implementation)

30 Year Service Employees Nathaniel Wheatley (Project Implementation)

25 Year Service Employees
Scott Armistead (Project Development)
Stan Clow (Operations)
Sue Graham (Program Development)
Sal Madonia (Program Development)
Malcom Love (Project Implementation)

20 Year Service Employees
Denise Peters (Program Development)
Greg Heckel (Project Implementation)
Michael Tappan (Project Implementation)
Tim Connelly (Operations)
Marcus Bruce (Program Development)

15 Year Service Employees
Douglas Woodruff (Project Implementation)
Sadie Jones (Project Implementation)
Kevin Spann (Project Implementation)
Michael Dwyer (Program Development)
Arthur Patridge (Project Implementation)
Bradley Schlieper (Project Implementation)
Mark Branham (Program Development)
Jeffrey Schoonover (Project Implementation)
Mark Dust (Program Development)
Chad Morse (Project Implementation)
Doug Chamness (Project Implementation)
Brian Galloway (Project Implementation)
Keith Laughlin (Project Implementation)
Andrew Wilcox (Project Implementation)
Brandon Dudley (Project Implementation)
Ryan Stevenson (Project Implementation)
Laura Mlacnik (Program Development)
Michael Hamby (Project Implementation)
Stella Nwajei (Project Implementation)

10 Year Service Employees
Tracey Switzer (Program Development)
David Vereen (Operations)
Jen Jen Bai (Program Development)
Michael Rohlfing (Project Implementation)
Michael Pine (Project Implementation)
Bill Shaw (Operations)
Lyle Lascelles (Administrative Services)

Teamsters Local 916 proudly represents over 4,000 hardworking men and women throughout the State of Illinois in the private and public sectors.