The ILRA covers employees who work for a public entity such as a municipality, county agency, state agency or office or public board.

The Illinois Labor Relations Board is the state agency who is in charge of enforcing the ILRA’s rules and regulations. If you wish to seek representation, believe a public entity has mistreated you due to a union/non-union affiliation, or has committed some other form of unfair labor practice; you should contact us and/or the Labor Board. We frequently are active in seeking representation before the board and stay current on the Board’s rulings and other orders.

Please note the recent changes in the law, mainly SB 1556. Some employers are now not allowed to unionize. If you have questions about your rights under the Act, contact us at 217.522.7932.

If you are an educational employee, the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board may be able to assist you. The ELRB and ILRB mirror each other in many ways but also have distinct rules for each. We have several groups under the Educational Board and can help you with any questions.