1973 in IBT History:The Teamsters expand public service membership.

The Carnation plant (now called Nestle Beverege) is built in Jacksonville and by 1971 its employees are organized by Local 916.

Wage freezes are implemented across the country in the construction and trucking industries. To help fight inflation, a National Pay Board is established to hold percent increases to 5.5% on base pay.

New sign is purchased for The Hall.

Local 916 is assigned an organizer.

Local 916 negotiates an $87 per month salary increase for members covered by the highway maintenance agreement.

President Long retires and Jerry Banning is appointed to fill vacancy. Long is given Emeritus status.

Bunn-O-Matic is organized.

First collective bargaining agreement signed with the State of Illinois and affiliated Local Unions. The illinois Conference of Teamsters is the certified representative, but jurisdictional disputes still arise with ISEA over the IDOT highway workers.

Jerry Banning is elected president. His elected board includes Al Stevens, Vice President; Byron Fitch, Secretary Treasurer; John Gregorich, Recording Secretary; Dan Roderick, Trustee; Ed Six, Trustee; and Charlie Hubbs, Trustee. Banning serves as president through four terms until 1986, re-elected on a White Ballot each time.

Article 17 on initiation and re-initiation fees amended.

  • Less than $3 per hour $25.00
  • $3 – $4.50 per hour $50.00
  • $4.50 – $6 per hour $100
  • Over $6 per hour $150
  • Owner operators $200

Local 916 discontinues hall rental and donating the hall to groups due to many conflicts with meeting schedules.

ISEA jurisdictional dispute over the IDOT highway workers.

Dawsons strike, trouble with the carpenters working behind picket line.

Special donation fund is created for Dawsons families.

In August, Illinois Conference is certified as representative.

In September, Local 916 approves building improvements, the front south side is bricked. Capranica Construction does the work.

I-72 opens.

In October, dues increase to 2 times the hourly rate, and bylaws are updated.

NCR (National Cash Register) is the method of receipting union dues & ledger cards. The bookkeeping system is still hand written ledgers.

TITAN is introduced to Teamsters. The letters stand for Teamsters Information Terminal & Accounting Network.

ETMF, East Texas Motor Freight, opens a 2-man terminal which is the predecessor to ABF, Arkansas Best Freight, that will open a large terminal in Springfield in 1985.

Bunn-O-Matic plant is lost by a move to Iowa.

$64,000.00 is spent on strikes at Dawsons and George Mueller.

Organizing drive is started at Capitol Records in Jacksonville.

Right-to-Work law is pushed throughout the nation, all members are urged to contact their congressmen.

MEO’s at IL Dept. of Public Aid vote to have Local 916 represent them.

Local 916 organizes Capitol City Warehouse and FW Means.

Dairy industry loses strength. Dairy members drop from 400 to 78 (2001).

Recording Secretary John Gregorich dies. Glynn Crossin appointed to fill John’s term.

Atlas Mattress goes on strike.

Deregulation of trucking industry begins.

Matthews Transfer and Commerical Lovelace close.

Organizing state workers begins in earnest. An April 24 election is scheduled with 3 unions on ballot for state workers – AFSCME, ISEA and Teamsters.

Teamsters lose 4/24/79 election in the Chicago area.

10 new members from city of Springfield’s department of public health.

12 new members from Cass County in Arenzville.

National slow down in economy impacts Local 916.

Organizing campaign for IDOT mechanics and RW Harmon Bus.

Strike at Altas Mattress is terminated.

Membership stands at 2607.

Resolution on moving District 6 from Springfield to Jacksonville.