Teamsters Local 916 Mission Statement

Adding stability to the economy of the community by safeguarding the livelihoods of Local 916’s union members through collective bargaining and protecting each member’s right to fair wages, good working conditions and dignity and respect in the workplace.

History of Local 916

Learning about the struggles and victories of the past will help members and nonmembers alike appreciate the contributions Teamsters made not only to labor history but to American history.   For over a hundred years the International Brotherhood of Teamsters have been a major contributor to establishing a working middle class, better pay, benefits and retirement plans for employees across the nation. Since the origin of our local we have continued that history of success. Our local has origins in two different downstate locals, 532 and 916. Teamsters Local 532 of Springfield was chartered in 1925. In 1943 Teamsters local 916 was chartered in Collinsville. Later these two locals merged to form what is now known as Local 916 based in Springfield, Illinois.   Local 916’s history is rich and colorful, full of victories and some disappointing moments. The current state of our local today – a new hall finished in 2009, experienced and knowledgeable business agents, and a supportive, strong membership – is a direct result and dedication to our past.
Teamsters Local 916's History Through the Decades