1951 in IBT History: Teamsters continue their service to the community after World War II

November 20, 1956
A revised charter is issued after the merger of Local 532 in Springfield and Local 916 in Collinsville. Local 532 was chartered in 1925 and operational until the merger with Local 916. At the time of the merger, the president of Local 532 was George Strebel, Vice President was Jim Harris, and Secretary Treasurer was Joe Mitchell.

A special meeting was held to vote to merge the local unions. A standing vote was taken at the Centennial Building in downtown Springfield, IL. The standing count was 500 in favor of the merger and 9 opposed.

Mid 1950s
Springfield office is located at 619 North Grand Avenue. Membership is approximately 2,000.

During this time, a great number of companies in central Illinois were unorganized – construction enterprises such as ready mixes, the soft drink and dairy plants, automotive companies, and large companies such as Atlas Mattress, Pegwill Packing, and Springfield Dressed Beef.

June 26, 1958
Local 916 establishes an Executive Board pay of $10.00 per meeting plus mileage.

October 1958
Local 916 began sending memorial bibles to deceased members instead of flowers.

November 1958
Jacksonville branch office closes.