STRIKE ALERT-ADM Decatur, Illinois

As of 7:00pm Thursday, February 2nd, Teamster members employed at ADM Co- Gen plant in Decatur, Illinois are on STRIKE!
Teamsters Local 916 is dedicated to standing with the members and will continue to stand up to Corporate White-Collar greed to fight for fair contracts for our members. The members have worked through a pandemic without taking any time away from work to make sure that essential products could get to the consumer markets.  Their efforts have led to the company’s third quarter profits for 2022 of $1.6 billion while their employees are dealing with inflation that has seen their paychecks dwindle.  ADM is posting record profits on the backs of the hard-working members of Teamsters Local 916 and it is time for the company to recognize their hard work and reward them for their efforts with a fair economic package. Read full Press Release here: 916 Strike ADM