In 2010, the Illinois General Assembly hastily created a “Tier 2” of separate, lower pension benefits for public employees hired after 2011, over the opposition of a coalition of unions representing public sector workers.
Since then, the drastically reduced benefits for “Tier 2” workers are further diminished due to inflation, meaning they can’t keep up with rising costs like grocery and drug price increases. Many public employees cannot collect Social Security, meaning these pension benefits are their sole source of retirement security.
This issue does not only apply to state employees. It applies to all who were impacted by the Tier 2 legislation (IMRF-county/municipal employees, SURS- college/university employees, TRS- teachers).  This problem was created by politicians failing to pay into the retirement system, and it’s them we should be holding accountable rather than punishing workers.
Please join us and other unions as we hold a week of action to tell state lawmakers, they must take action to fix Tier 2 pensions. There are two ways to take action: (1) You can call 507-497-1665 to be connected with your lawmaker via phone automation or (2) scan the QR Code on the enclosed flyer to email your lawmakers to let them know that you support fixing the Tier 2 pensions.
This action is the first step to push legislators in Springfield to ensure that all public sector workers have a fair, secure retirement after their service, allowing them to pay their bills while also ensuring the state can recruit and retain the essential workers who keep Illinois running.