Employer:  IDOT for 21 years    How long have you been a Steward?    “I’ve only been a Steward for about 7 months.”   What would you say is the most important part of being a Steward?  “I would say the most important part of being a steward is to represent and defend the interest of members.”   What is your favorite part of being a Steward?  “For me it’s being more involved.”   Please share one fun fact about yourself.  “Don’t really have any fun facts but what I enjoy on my time off is spending time with family, grandkids, and golf.”     We also received the below story about Dave from a fellow Teamster: Monday Feb 1st, Dave Bertetto was on his way back home to his subdivision in his hometown, as he was driving, he thought he had seen a person laying in their yard, and saw it was an elderly lady that must have slipped on the ice, so he stopped to check to see if she was ok. That’s when Dave saw that her leg was injured, and he helped her back into the house. After Dave carried this person into her house, he called authorities and she was taken to the hospital and that’s when the fire department informed Dave the lady had broken her leg and had been laying there for some time. #Teamsters #Community #ThankATeamster   Thank you, Dave, for taking the time to assist a fellow neighbor.  Do you know a Teamsters 916 Steward or Member that deserves a shoutout?  Message us your #TeamsterShoutOut or #StewardSpotlight names or email [email protected].